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Sludge Dehydration Technology

Author: Taida machine       Release time:2016-09-03
Reading guidance:Sludge is the solid waste generated in the process of sewage disposal. with the development of domestic sewage treatment, sewage treatment and water treatment plant will continue to expand and improve,
     Sludge is the solid waste generated in the process of sewage disposal. with the development of domestic sewage treatment, sewage treatment and water treatment plant will continue to expand and improve, sludge quantity is increasing, at present in the domestic sewage treatment plant in the general infrastructure and operating costs accounted for about 20% of the infrastructure and operating costs to 50%. in addition to sewage sludge contains a lot of organic matter and rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients, there are heavy metals, pathogens and parasites and other toxic and harmful ingredients. For the normal operation and the treatment effect of the two pollution and ensure that the sewage treatment plant to prevent caused by the sludge treatment and disposal of sewage sludge, sewage treatment in China occupy the position has been increasingly prominent.
1. Principle
    Sludge fluid dryer is composed of three parts from the bottom to top:
A. Air chest: located at the bottom of dryer; for the recycle gas distributed to different areas of the fluidized bed device, the bottom is equipped with a special gas distribution plate, used to distribute inert fluidizing gas. The board has strong advantages, the pressure drop can be adjusted, to ensure the gas circulation can evenly to guide the dryer.
B. Middle part: The segment, heat exchanger built here. The sludge dehydration water evaporation of all energy through the heat exchanger into. Usually steam or hot oil can as a heat exchange heat medium.
C. Suction hood: As the first step, used to make the flow of dry particles from gas circulation, while the circular gas with a fine sludge and evaporation of water leaving the dryer through the bellows of the lower part of the fluid bed, circulating gas into a fluid bed. Particles in the bed fluidization and mixing. By cyclic gas continuous flow through the material layer to dry objective.
D. Process flow chart (chart 1.1, 1.2)
   Fluid bed dehydration system---process flow chart (chart 1.1)
   Fluid bed dehydration system--process flow chart (chart 1.2)
2. Comparison between advantages of fluid bed dehydration and characteristics of sludge
  A. Advantages
l Send sludge directly to fluid bed; no need for circulating of dry particles and mixing of wet and dry materials
l Final products: without dust; solid content is over 90% of dry solid
l Low dehydration temperature: 85 degree centigrade
l Heat exchange installed in fluid bed; no indirect heat supplying
l Low emission; no pollution to environment
l Inert gas ; oxygen content lower than 3 VOL; safe
l High environmental level; manufacture is carried out in a closed environment; less residual gas in dehydration process; less odors;
l Running time: 24 hours a day
l It has been proved that it is a reliable system; it can be run for 800 hours a year;
l Automatic control system; no need to be on duty
l Good quality of sludge
Comparison of characteristics
Different characteristics of dehydrated sludge and dewatering sludge
Chart 1 characteristics of sludge
  Sludge dehydration Sludge dewatering
Types Wastes Product co2
Specialty Fluid state; stickiness Particles, solid
Solid content 2035% >90%
Volume density 1050kg/m3 500~700kg/m3
Change of quality 100 30
Security Produce digestion gas Combustible
Thermal value-- digestion--non digestion
Disinfect After pasteurization and stabilization, pathogens content will decrease. B level
There is almost no A level of pathogen.
Storage Bacteria reproduction; digestion Long-term and stable
 3. sludge disposal 
A. After fermentation, moisture content is 60% to 65% of the sludge powder conveying cylinder through closed, enters the drying chamber, in order to prevent dry, dry sludge after flying, after a preliminary molding, leaning on the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt at the set speed with the material transport, the number of transport to bring back the delivery of dry water the rate of about 40% and second formed into granular fertilizer sludge, after several transfer brings back the delivery of stem, and finally achieve the granular fertilizer moisture content of 20% products (see Figure 2) out of the drying chamber, and then through the closed transfer mechanism to the packaging workshop, put on a bag. Sheng is the use of sludge for brick, ceramic such as building material, extraction of vitamin B12 from the sludge is green or even two; farmland fertilizer with sludge, soil improvement, which seems to be more realistic and comprehensive utilization of sludge as a "natural organic fertilizer plant is a green" Broad prospects.
B. Various sludge disposal methods
4. Real project examples
Some real examples of fluid bed in many countries such as Belgium, Netherlands and china.
5. Conclusion
     With the development of industry and city, improve the city sewage treatment rate, sludge yield more and more inevitable. Sludge is a potential resource utilization value, in order to make full use of the resources, reduce environmental pollution, many countries in the world are in the development of sludge disposal and utilization of various techniques. Compared with developed countries. The use of sludge treatment technology is still relatively backward in our country, considering that China is a big agricultural country. Therefore, after stabilization, harmless treatment of the sludge after land recycling resources in our country, it should be a kind of sludge by promising routes. In view of problems involved in research and the sludge land use, to achieve safe and effective target, need the government to organize the environmental protection departments with the agricultural sector to carry out the study of land use in sludge. Economical, safe, reasonable, effective and beneficial principle use sludge to exert its enormous economic benefits, social benefits and ecological benefits.

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