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            WWD Belt Sludge Dryer

            【Applicable material】:municipal sludge, industrial sludge and paper pulp. residue,pumace,chicken manure, cow dung and other similar materials.
            【Optional fuel】:Fuel,heat pump, electricity and steam.
            【System introduction】:WWD belt sludge drying system mainly consists of feeder (extruder/crusher), belt dryer (single layer/multi-layer), heat source, air circulating system, dehumidification system, discharging and seal system. Residence time of dewatered sludge in dryer and final dryness can be adjusted.

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            Application range of TAEDA WWD belt sludge drying system: sewage sludge (produced by disposal process) sludge, paper sludge, fermentation residue, wood and biomass waste and sludge from power generator. It is suitable for urban sludge scattered drying and centralized treatment technology. It can better solve difficult problem faced by urban sludge disposal. In addition, it can also be used for drying and dehumidification work for flake/strips/blocks materials in industries such as food, agricultural and sideline products, dehydrated vegetables, Chinese medicinal materials, aquatic products, native products, feed and chemical And the dehydration and drying operation of granular materials. 
            This series of dryer is featured in high efficiency and energy saving.  It has advantages in flow heating, layered air intake, staged variable temperature drying and waste heat recovery. This series of dryer use multi-layer mobile stainless steel mesh belts or chain plates for spreading the processed materials. Hot air flows through mesh belt and upper-layer materials from bottom to top. Heat exchange is uniform and sufficient. Production efficiency is high and product quality is good. Belt dryer is equipped with cooling layer and rotating conveying device which makes low discharging temperature is low and timely packaging. It adopts lifting device with leveler device which makes uniform thickness and stepless adjustable material thickness. Material spreading area ranges from 25m2 to 80m2 so that to meet needs of various materials and different production scales. During long-term production practice, our company adjusts equipment structure according to actual experience during customer's real production process. We also continuously optimizes and updates this series of products and develops a variety of structural forms, which have targeted designs and good use effects for products with different natures. 

            Techncial Advantage

            1.      Low energy consumption: can use exhaust heat from boiler to reduce energy consumption cost.
            2.      Multiple heat source options: Can use hot water, exhaust heat, steam, electricity, heat pump and hot air.
            3.      Exhaust heat recycling: warm water (90 degrees); gas discharged from process (900-100 degrees), other exhaust heat available.
            4.       Sludge feeding:
            In order to optimize drying effect, dewatered sludge must be uniformly transferred on moving belt of dryer, which will be realized by distributor composed of extruder and multi-hole matrix moving head.
            a)     Form uniform breathable layer which makes hot air pass well.
            b)     Enlarge surface area of sludge particle and beneficial for water evaporation.
            c)      Automatic and controllable feeding.
            d)     Simple and quick operation
            5. Full stainless steel structure makes longer service life and low running cost.

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            WWD belt sludge drying system is mainly composed of single layer or multi-layer belts. Feeding part can be both pump and screw. Sludge are placed uniformly on drying belt by crusher and extruder. Drying belt will send sludge noodles into dryer. In drying storage, temperature will be lifted to a set standard by drying air. Then drying air will pass through sludge noodles placed uniformly on drying belt. Moisture of sludge will be carried out by air flow. With the moving of drying belt, sludge on upper drying belt will be sent to lower drying belt for further drying process. Then the sludge will be conveyed forward. Hot air enters drying device from the lower part of the device and pass through the whole drying belt. When hot air pass through sludge placed on the drying belt, moisture of sludge is carried out and the drying process is realized. 



            Model Belt width and layer Evaporation Overall dimension
            WWD-80 1.2-8×3 60-80 9.77×1.5×2.81
            WWD-160 1.2-12×3 140-160 13.5×1.5×2.81
            WWD-320 1.5-16×3 290-320 17.4×2.24×2.81
            WWD-620 1.5-24×3 600 25.4×2.24×2.81

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            Processing Ability

            • 喬家大院之旅Welding Platform
            • 籃球比賽增進友誼Drilling Machine
            • 大型歌唱晚會Edge Milling Machine
            • 員工風采Vertical Lathe
            • Rolling Machine

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